How to Set Up an Exceptional Blog Design to Allure Web Traffic

The blogging craze has not only spread amongst individuals, but is also getting a lot of attention from business owners these days. Considering the benefits of running a blog, it’s becoming rare to find people who don’t have their own blog.

It isn’t very difficult to set up a blog. However, it could be challenging to set up a blog design that successfully attracts web traffic.

The following are some easy ways to set up an exceptional blog design for alluring web traffic. These are some design features that will surely make your blog more alluring to your followers and customers:

Simplify Navigation and Access

In simple words, great design doesn’t only refer to striking colors and great pictures. It is the functionality of your entire website that makes a good design. This starts from the placement of action buttons, to simplified navigation, loading speed, and readability. Because people do not have enough time to spend on your website, it is important to give them exactly what they are looking for without any hassle.

Creating Banner

A banner is usually placed on the top area of the content that comes into the notice of a visitor. This place is basically dedicated for your social platform links, blog title or logo. Do not place banners too high or they will appear disconnected from the content. Ideally, a banner size should not exceed 200 pixels and shouldn’t be smaller than 150 pixels either. You can take help from various software to design an attractive banner.

Colors and Font

The types of colors you use on your blog and the font style you have selected for the content should be professional and readable. While many bloggers use bright colors on their blogs, they can sometimes be annoying. Instead of drawing attention, bright colors can visually turn off readers and customers as such a choice may not professionally portray you or the brand you promote.

Many newbies often face this issue. Creating colorful pages does no good when you see it from the eyes of the customer or visitor. It is important to choose colors wisely and according to the type of blog you are running. If it’s a professional business you are talking about on the page, stick to professional, simple colors.

Cluttering your blog will also drive away traffic instead of alluring. It is important that your content is clearly seen between simple designs to attract customers and readers. Follow these simple tips and set up an exceptional blog to drive increased traffic to your blog.

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