The Importance of Images in a Blog

Do pictures and visual images on a blog matter. If you do not incorporate any images into a blog, you can count on having a problem getting people to the site and staying until the end of your post. The problem is not that people cannot read or that they do not want to. Most people respond to images better than just text. If you include photos that are more relevant in your blog posts, people will keep reading. They will get to the bottom of the page and take the action you want them to take. Are you using photos, and the right ones, in the content?

What Do They Do?

What do photos offer to any blog post? Why do you need images? What should you look for in them? Use the following tips before you select anything for your site or put up another post without an image.

  1. One of the first things pictures do is to break up content and add color to the page. Without images, pages look boring. You do not want the first impression your readers get to be that of a boring site. Rather, you need to get the site up and looking fabulous from the start with great images. (you should also check out Importance of Blog Theme)
  2. It helps to organize a post. If your blog posts have numerous images in them, such as one after each subheading, this will make the post easier to read. It gives the reader a break from just content and gets that visual pop right in the middle. This makes it far easier for the reader to work through the posts.
  3. It helps with memory, too. When a reader comes to the site to gather information or content, you want them to come back again to share that post with others. Pictures are easier to remember than just words or a title. For this reason, you want to incorporate more images into the content you write.
  4. It adds something different to the page. Let us assume you are writing about something very serious, but, half way through the post, there is a picture of something very cute or very funny. This adds a level of humor and a break for the reader. He or she can smile. More so, when they are just scanning the page, they can think, “Well, that’s an interesting picture. I have to read this.” That is what is going to help you to get them to read what you are writing. You can also have a look here to know how to develop fresh content.
  5. Make your point clear with pictures. Pictures, visual graphics, and other tools that are not text help to break up the post. You can often make your statements more clear with pictures to demonstrate the content to your reader. They not only get to read what you are saying but they have something that shows them what you mean. This may not work in all situations, but in it does work.
  6. More so, content with photos gets more traffic. People share about it more often. They talk about it. You can even include some keywords with your photos to help get more attention from the search engines.

The bottom line here is the photo is one of the most important components to your pages. If your blog post is lacking them, you are missing key results your site should be getting. You need to include them with every post that you write. Try to include a number of them. They should be unique to your site or off the wall to bring more attention.

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