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Do keywords really matter with blog posts? As a blogger, you may think that pouring your heart out to the world is all you need to do to really make a point and get people to the site. It makes sense. However, blog keywords are also an important element that you need to consider. If you want people to find your blog and think that it is worth their time, you need to include keywords into the posts you create. Just like building a website, you need to know the importance of doing this if you plan to rank well in the search engines.

What Are You Doing Now?

Are you making one or more of the most common mistakes when it comes to blog keywords? Chances are good you are and you have no idea you are doing something wrong. First, you may be using many terms that relate to your site, but they are single words rather than strands of two, three, or four words. Why does this matter? When you go into Google, do you type in a single word into the search box? Most people do not and they type in a string of keywords so they get what they really want. If you are using single keywords, you are not going to get enough attention.

The other big problem with blog posts is that some people simply lack the use of any keywords. You just write. You know what you want to say and you type it. However, the fact is that you still need to rank well in the search engines to attract enough new people to your blog to get the traffic you desire. Keeping this in mind, consider what factors play a role in the selection and use of blog keywords.

Research Them

Take the time to find out what other people are typing into the search engines to find content that is likely your own. You can use one of the many keyword research tools to help you to do this. The goal is to find out what sets of words people type into the search boxes to find information related to what you have to offer. Do not assume you know what everyone is using.

Be Specific

There is plenty of competition on the web for some types of keywords. For example, if you are typing keywords being used by other sites, chances are good you will find your blog listed well behind them in the search engines. In other words, you need to be as specific as possible when using keywords. If your topic is city-specific, use the city in the keyword. If your topic is related to a specific brand, type, color, or size you should use that in the keyword. The more specific you are the better.

More Words Are Better

One single word as a keyword is not enough. Two is better for blog keywords, but there is often a lot of competition for these words. Rather, try to string together three or four words to form a set. By doing this, you reduce the amount of competition there are for the words you are using. This can make a big difference in the results you get.

Ultimately, just researching blog keywords is a good idea. The problem is that if you do not do this, you will not attract as many new blog readers as you could. It does not have to be hard or time consuming to make it work. Be consistent and be sure to put the time into finding the right content for your site.

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