How to add an Author Profile Picture in wordpress

I’m also one of those who had hard time finding a way to add author picture in wordpress profile as by default wordpress dont support this feature but the good part is we have a plugin to do this go Plugin>> Add New or you can directly do to (Replace with your domain)

And once you are there follow these steps:

  • Search for a plugin name User Photo
  • Click Install (Since I already have Installed this plugin in my blog so it is showing installed but in your blog you will see a option of install)
  • Activate the Plugin, you can also check here in details How to install plugin in a wordpress blog
  • Now once you have your plugin installed, time to upload a picture for that go to users>> your profile, scroll it down and you will see the option to upload a picture from your computer, you can upload picture using this option.
  • You may notice your profile picture still not showing for this you have to go Setting>> User Photo or (Replace with your domain) and check Override Avatar with User Photo

Congratulation, you have a working profile Picture.

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