7 Common Blunders New Bloggers Often Make

For anyone considering starting a new blog, there are seven common blunders that many new bloggers often make. Avoiding these blunders will help increase your readership and make the popularity of your site grow, right from the start.


The seven common blunders new bloggers often make include:

  1. An All about Me Blog – Some approach their blog as an online journal. If your goal is to make money from your blog, or impart valuable information to your readers, then an online blogging journal will most likely not produce the results you expect. Statistics indicate that a high number of bloggers give up after the first year, simply because of a lack of an audience. Writing for your readers and providing valuable information is the surest way to get them to keep coming back to read your new content.
  2. Too Many Topics – While you most likely have many interests you find fascinating, and choose to write about all of them, your readers might not feel the same. Gaining popularity by surviving in the blogosphere will require that you pick a niche and write specifically about that. Choosing one targeted interest (niche) can be anything you have a passion about including business, technology, fashion, marketing, writing or others. Create a list of the top 20 potential posts you would enjoy writing for your blog. Narrow that down until you find your most enjoyable interest and stick with that.
  3. Providing Confusing Content – At the moment someone lands on your blog site for the very first time, you have only an instant to form a first impression. It is essential to do everything you can to make sure their visit to your site is a memorable one. The content you provide should be clear and concise. Your new visitor should immediately understand what the blog is about, who you are, and what they can expect in return for their time. Make sure all of your valuable information is easy to locate. Every action you take to make your blog site easy to navigate will help develop a positive brand for you.
  4. An Uninformative “About Me” Page – While your blog landing page will be the most popular page your viewers visit, your “About Me” page is the second. Wanting to find out more about you, their curiosity will take them to your “About Me” page. If they get arrive on that page to find it is filled with uninformative content, they may lose interest and leave your site altogether. Develop clear informative content and place it on your “About Me” page. Remember it is not really about you, but about how you have the authority to provide the information you post on your site.
  5. Poor Writing Skills – Since the time of Shakespeare, no one has been able to duplicate William’s beautiful writing skills. Still, it is important to post clear and concise writing, filled with your own style and flair. The content include headings, bullet points, and bold text to make it easier on the viewer’s eyes. Break up large chunks of valuable text and make sure once it is posted it delivers screen friendly content.
  6. Under-Utilizing Social Media – There is absolutely no reason not to use one of the most effective marketing tools ever invented. Social media is a serious and proven way to increase readership, and maximize your audience.
  7. Going at It All Alone – To increase your readership, it is important to subscribe to every similar niche blog you can. Doing so will help you stay in tune with all the latest trends of your specific niche. Additionally, it will help you develop profitable relationships with your fellow bloggers. It will create meaningful connections to develop and sustain valuable business friends.

Many new bloggers get caught making the same seven blunders, and wonder why their efforts as a blogger never produced the results they expected.


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