What is organic traffic

As lot of people are confused about what is organic traffic so here in this article I’m trying to tell about organic traffic. Organic traffic we can also call free traffic, as there are two ways to get traffic on your website Paid Traffic and Organic Traffic
Paid Traffic – It is a form of traffic you pay for as these days big companies Invest lot of their money to buy traffic on their sites, there are many models of paid traffic, they can be based on PPC, CPM, CPA  and they have to pay advertisement companies to get traffic.

Organic Traffic– It is also called free traffic where websites get traffic for free without even spending a penny and there are different ways to get free traffic

  • Search Engine– Google, Yahoo, Bing is most popular search engine out here where people search for different keywords to get information and as website owner we can rank our website high for any particular keyword to get free traffic from search engine
  • Social Networks – These days social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn is getting more and more popular and promoting your site there can give you a social coverage, promotion as well as lot of organic traffic or in other words targeted traffic
  • Social Bookmarks– Social bookmarking site is another form of sites from where we can get free traffic even though they are not as much effective as above two but still if you do it properly you can get lot of free traffic from social bookmarking sites like Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit and Many more.
  • Word of Mouth– This is another form of free traffic where your satisfied customer promote your site by telling their friends about them and get you some nice free targeted traffic.

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