The ABCs of Developing Your Own Blog

While setting up a blog is an easy accomplishment, developing a quality, effective blogging site requires much more thought. To be successful, you will need to attract visitors on a consistent basis, and learn how to retain them, so they will keep revisiting your site. By approaching this process in phases or stages, you can develop an effective plan of action on exactly how to increase your audience on a consistent basis.

Before you begin to develop your blog, you first need to understand exactly what it is going to be about. The topic of your blogging should be something you feel extremely passionate about, and have enough information to impart to the masses that are seeking what you have to offer. The initial step requires you to focus on exactly what niche you would like to write about, whether it is on traveling, business, fashion, psychology, medicine, products & services, or an endless variety of other topics.

Determine Your Niche

Once you have narrowed your choices on the niche, look online to see what your competing bloggers are already discussing on that specific topic. Read the comments, reviews and feedback left by that blog’s readers to determine if that is the target audience you want visiting your site. This is an important step, because you will be using your competitor’s sites as an effective marketing tool to promote your site.

Now that you have determined your niche market, and narrowed down exactly your target audience will be, you can begin the process of developing your own blog. The initial step in development will be extensive blog research and preparation, which will require the gathering of the basic content you will be using to post to your site.

Blog Research and Preparation

To begin with, you will need at least one full month worth of quality content to post to your new blogging site. On average, it is recommended to have at least 10 or 15 well written articles or posts that have been researched and edited from grammatical errors and typos. The information you will be posting online should be directly similar to the topics that meet your niche.

Before you reach the stage where you will be posting your newly developed content online, you should have your words thoroughly edited by a different pair of eyes. Having input from another individual will ensure you are following your own strict standards of providing the best, valuable content to your potential readers.

In Search of an Audience

Now that you have posted your 10 or 15 well written articles or posts to your blog site, it is time to find your audience. You can accomplish this by posting a few well-placed comments on other blogging sites, that are targeted to your niche. Your comments will provide exposure to the audience it visits that blogging site. Inside your posted comment you will place a link back that will redirect visitors to your site. This networking process is a valuable tool to help you increase your visitor traffic.

Keeping Your Audience

Anytime you are working hard to increase your audience, it is important to maintain your visitor’s interest on your content, once they have arrived at your site. By posting fresh batches of content every day, or every other day, your readers will develop a pattern of how often to return to your site. As more people begin to leave comments, you will see additional traffic coming in from other competitor’s blogging sites where you have left direct link backs to your blog site.

Be Generous

By offering direct links on your blog that direct your audience to other valuable blogging sites, you can receive the same generosity in return. Sharing your audience with other bloggers involved in your niche will have a twofold benefit. Your valuable readers will find your information, and you, more credible for providing additional sources. Additionally, you will receive new readers, brought there by the links your competing bloggers have placed on their sites.

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