Methods for Measuring the Growth of Your Blog

It is certainly easy to become overwhelmingly confused sorting through analysis and statistics concerning your blog. However, it is vital for your blog success to continually monitor the growth of your site from every angle. Understanding the direction of your blog’s progress is essential to understand if the current strategies you use are working properly or require an adjustment or update.

There are a number of valuable free tools available to anyone, to obtain and decipher these numbers. Understanding important analysis of your site’s statistics will help you keep on track to ensure you are measuring the effective growth of your blog.

The methods for measuring the growth of your blog include:

  • Blog Posts and Guest Posts – It is essential to post consistently to your site. Doing so will offer a significant advantage to the overall growth of your blog. Keep a detailed tracking spreadsheet to help correlate the results of your site’s growth or decline, based on your blogging interaction.
  • Mailing List and RSS Subscribers – You might need to burn your RSS feed with feed burning sites to increase your subscriber stats. The more blog subscribers your blog has will help demonstrate how effective the content is at resonating with your target audience.
  • Klout – To manage your social media interaction, use Klout to gain an effective overall influence ranking score on your accounts including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogs and others. Providing a quantitative number of metrics, based on the posted comments, re-tweets and “likes” that have a direct link to your site, will provide a good indicator of whether you are influencing your blog’s growth.
  • Twitter and Twitter Followers – Twitter Counter is an effective free tool to use for understanding your blog’s growth within the Twitter community. By following your undulant stats over three months you will have enough information to determine the growth or decline of your connections through this effective social media.
  • YouTube Subscribers and Viewers – If you post videos to your YouTube channel (and you should), you need to keep track of the total number of unique subscribers along with a record of uploaded views. This information will provide statistical analysis so you can determine if your videos offer your YouTube audience the valuable information they seek.
  • Google Analytics – Offered as a valuable analytical tool, Google Analytics will provide detail information on page views, bounce rates, visits and unique visitors. The detailed data will provide essential numbers to see how well your blog is progressing in the amount of traffic that arrives, uses your site, and performs a call to action. Increasing bounce rates will inform you that you need to rework the way your blog is designed.
  • Analyzing Links – Google and other search engines continually change the rules of the game. As the SEO industry continues to evolve, you will need to regularly analyze the effectiveness of your back links directed toward your site. Google offers their PageRank as an effective tool to analyze your blog site’s authority in the search engine.
  • Keyword Ranking – The quality time you spend determining main keywords to help promote your blog can be analyzed for its productivity. Using effective tools like Authority Labs, or Free Monitor for Google, you will gain valuable insight on exactly how search engines optimize your selected words based on your keyword rankings.
  • Taking Notes – Anything the changes on your site should be detailed in your notes. If you have placed an effective guest post, hosted an informative webinar, attended a conference, or offered any other potentially major event or action, you will need to monitor its effectiveness and results. Everything you do on your blog should be analyzed to help identify the actions and content posted to evaluate whether they have helped or hurt the growth of your blog.

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