How to install a plugin in a wordpress blog

WordPress is a great blogging platform and have thousands of plugin to support your blog and add different functionality according to your needs, like one can add contact us plugin, social media sharing plugin newsletter plugin even eCommerce plugin is really popular for wordpress.

There are two ways to Install Plugin in WordPress Blog

1. Automatic Install – There are tons of Plugin in wordpress Library which you can automatically install from your wp blog admin panel all you need to go here

Plugins >> Add New >> Featured/Popular/ Newest

you can even find a plugin using search option if you know the name of plugin or any specific type of plugin you need

And once you find the plugin you need to click install it

Steps in Installing a Plugin

  • Click Install
  • A popup window will appear and ask “Are you sure you want to install the plugin” click ok
  • They may ask for connection information depend on the setting of your web-host click proceed once you fill all the information
  • Now they will ask you to activate the plugin
  • Activate it and enjoy

2. Manual Install– Manual install are required when you want to install any 3rd party plugin which is not present in wp plugins library to install plugin manually first you need to download the plugin from plugin’s site.

Once you have the plugin you can install it by going

Plugins >> Add New >> Upload

Browse the location where you have plugin file in your computer once you find it click install and follow the same procedure as above to activate plugin.

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