How to increase traffic using Facebook

According to Alexa (which ranks websites according to traffic) Facebook is no1 website in the world  In Today’s market Facebook is considered as one of the biggest marketing tools for websites and one can gain lot of traffic using Facebook.

Why Facebook

  • Each day Facebook users spend 10.5 billion minutes (almost 20,000 years) online on the social network
  • 955 million active users
  • 3 billion likes and comments are posted every day

These stats make Facebook a great tool to market your online or offline business on Facebook

How to increase traffic using Facebook

There are many different ways to increase traffic using Facebook

  • Facebook Pages– Facebook pages are very popular these days and every business should have at least a page where people can follow them and they can send new update to them, It really helps your customers to know whats happening your way and if they like anything they can them of share them with their friends and friends to their friends which will help you to increase your traffic.
  • Facebook Comments – Facebook comments is a great way to engage visitors with your site they can discuss about your product/article on your site as well on their Facebook wall with their friends.
  • Facebook Login- Facebook login is the easiest way for users to become a register user of your site by two simple clicks they can register on your site, which helps to increase sales and conversions.
  • Facebook Groups – Facebook groups are where people can join and discuss about your product and ask their friends to join the group if they want to be the part of discussion this can really help you to grow your user base
  • Facebook Profile – A good Facebook profile can also help you to build traffic to your website one can have upto 5000 friends in his or her profile and once you have good numbers of friends you can target them and make them your customers, you can post about your product on their wall and promote your product
  • Like Buttons – These buttons are must to have on any blog or website where user can Like or share your products or articles with their friends and promote them among their friends.



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