How to Compress image size without quality loss

As a Blogger or website owner we need to compress images time to time, to make our website load fast as images takes most of the time and after recent Google updates they also prefer sites which loads fast, so in today’s web world its become very important to compress images.

There are two ways we can compress images

  1. By reducing image quality– It is very simple to compress images by reducing image quality which most of us do when we need smaller size images or compressed image we save them as JPEG and decrease the qualityWe can scroll it from large to small to compress images but it is not recommended as this method reduce image quality
  2. Without reducing image quality– This is what we need to compress images without reducing image quality for this we need to go File>> Save for Web  and here you have to save it as JPEG/GIF to reduce image size, here we have lot of other options like Quality, Progressive etc with which you can play according to your needs.

    Original Image Size 759K

    Compressed Image Size 170K

    As you can see there is not much difference to see at least from naked eyes in both the images but when it comes to size Original image is 759k where the compressed image is of 170k which is 5 times less than original image.

This is how we can compress our images without loosing the quality to use them on web.

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