1 and heat shock protein 70 in human epidermal squamous cell carcinoma

Co overexpression of Bag 1 and heat shock protein 70 in human epidermal squamous cell carcinoma: Bag 1 mediated resistance to 5 fluorouracil induced apoptosisJ Wood, M Pring, J W Eveson, N Price, C M Proby and A HagueCorrelation between Bag 1 and Hsp70 expression. (A and B) Epidermal SCC negative for Hsp70 staining. (C and D) Corresponding areas of the same tumour stained for Bag 1 showing weak cytoplasmic Bag 1 expression and moderate nuclear staining. (E and F) Epidermal SCC showing a moderate level of cytoplasmic and nuclear Hsp70 staining.Replica Hermes Handbags (G and H) Corresponding areas of the same tumour shown in E and F stained for Bag 1, showing strong cytoplasmic and nuclear Bag 1 staining. Images E and G were photographed using a 4 objective (scale bar shown in E), images A and C were photographed using a 10 objective (scale bar shown in A) and images B, D, F and H using a 40 objective (scale bar shown in B). (I) Relationship between Hsp70 positivity and intensity of Bag 1 staining in SCCs. Statistical analysis was performed using a Mann test.

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