Host Gator sold out for $225M

This is one of the biggest news coming from this Industry that Host Gator one of the preferred hosting company having Alexa rank 241 and hosted well over 8M domains sold out to EIG.

Hostgator known for eating up the competition has been swallowed up whole by a larger predator in the Industry, the EIG (Endurance International Group).

Which have a Portfolio of big hosting sites and looks like they are going to eat up all the competition not Hostgator anymore.


Sites list own my EIG
Source: OpenAccess

Let’s take a quick look at the History of HostGator :

  • Registered on October 10, 2002
  • 2/1/2003: 112 active customers
  • 2/1/2004: 1,031 active customers
  • 2/1/2005: 6,892 active customers
  • 2/1/2006: 21,434 active customers
  • 2/1/2007: 50,213 active customers
  • 2/1/2008: 92,752 active customers
  • 2/1/2009: 157,432 active customers and growing……until 2012
  • 2012 : 400000 and growing …… But only until 2012
  • Owned approx. 12,000 servers
  • Served more than 400,000 customers from across the world
  • More that 8 million domains hosted
  • The Largest Reseller Hosting provider


Are you a Customer of Hostgator like me?

Then you are probably wondering how this gonna affect you?

Well  it should’nt if EIG keeps the standard of HostGator but History may not be on their side due to other messy acquisitions. But we also cant forget that other sites EIG acquired in the past was not that successful and why they would mess with a successful business model, So only the future would tell us. What would happen to Hostgator, what all we can do is just wait and watch.

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